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  • Asphalt driveways Surfaces in Rathwire

    We are specialist in the installation of asphalt driveways surfaces in Rathwire installing this flooring specification to many areas including sports courts, roadways, paths and driveways. The asphalt driveways surface is made up of stones which are mixed together with hot tar and then laid out onto a prepared sub base. Many schools, councils and home owners ask tarmac surfacing contractors to install these surfaces because macadam is extremely long lasting and durable as well as being relatively cheap compared to other paving surfaces.

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    Asphalt driveways in Rathwire

    If you are interested in having a brand new tarmac driveway in Rathwire installed, our team can offer you a number of different options. Macadam drives are a great way to tidy up your existing driveway and create a smooth, permeable surface perfect for cars and other vehicles. We can offer you more details regarding the installation of a tarmac driveway at your home if necessary. If you’d like to speak to our team, please fill in the enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Asphalt driveways Surfacing in Rathwire

    The advantages of installing Bitmac surfaces are that they are extremely durable and can be installed in different colours and designs to create a decorative area for kids’ playgrounds and outdoor recreational spaces. Once installed, macadam flooring is very easy to look after and typically require little maintenance depending on how the surfacing is used. When tarmac is used for sports courts, they need to be cleaned regularly by brushing and occasionally pressure washing the area.

    Tarmac surfacing contractors in Rathwire can carry out both the construction and maintenance of these outdoor hard courts and flooring. You should always do a background check on any macadam flooring installation companies to make sure that they have case studies of their previous work and that they are a reliable contractor. This will give you the confidence that the final product will be good quality and long lasting once the construction process is complete. The different designs we offer can vary and include public roads, driveways, paths and multi sports courts so don’t hesitate to speak to us about any of these products.

    What is asphalt driveways?

    asphalt driveways is a type of material which is used on the surface of roads, sports courts, driveways and a range of other areas. asphalt driveways surfaces may also be known as tarmac, macadam, asphalt and Bitmac. The tarmacadam specification is a mixture of stone and tar which create a smooth surface for people to drive, walk and play sports on. It is common for asphalt surfaces to undergo anti slip painting, which is where a layer of coloured coating is applied to the surface to improve slip resistance as well as the overall appearance; this is usually done on sports surfaces and roadways. Tarmac is a durable surface type which requires very little maintenance, making it perfect for a range of different establishments including schools, domestic homes and roads near me. For more details regarding the tarmacadam surfaces, please complete our enquiry form

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    How to Lay Asphalt driveways

    No matter if you’re installing a roadway, driveway or sports court, the method of how to lay tarmac is generally the same for each facility:

    1. Excavate the existing surfacing to the required levels
    2. Stone up to the correct depth
    3. Lay down the asphalt surfacing
    4. Colour coat and add line markings onto the surface if necessary

    Asphalt driveways Surfacing

    When we talk about Asphalt Surfacing, we used to generally be talking about the use of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) or Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA). These materials are often used on roads, with the SMA becoming the preferred material for the Highways Agency because of the reduced noise levels produced by traffic.

    However, through more European alignment, Macadams and Asphalts have been brought under one umbrella term; Asphalt Concrete. So, for example, what used to be known as a 20mm Dense Bituminous Macadam (DBM) is now termed an AC20 (Asphalt Concrete in 20mm).

    SMA and HRA are almost always used as a Surface Course layer of the construction, but materials such as an AC20 are used beneath the surface course so now we talk about Asphalt forming more than just the surface course layer because of this European alignment which brings in Macadams.

    In terms of construction, once the Groundworks, or sub-base, are completed the base, binder and surface course are constructed, depending on the client’s specification and the use of the road or other area.

    Terms such as Asphalt, Macadam, Tarmac, Bituminous Macadam and Bitmac may be used loosely both within and outside of the construction industry, so it is important to be sure what your requirements are. We can help and are more than happy to consult on whatever project you are working on.

    You should also note that Americans use the term Asphalt to refer to a substance that we in Ireland and Europe call Bitumen. Bitumen is a thick and sticky by product of the fractional distillation of crude oil which is used to bind aggregate and minerals in both Asphalt and Macadams, or Tarmac.

    Guaranteed Asphalt driveways Company in Rathwire

    City Paving are one of the leading asphalt driveways companies in the Ireland . This gives us a unique edge on price and supply, both critical elements in the modern era of construction, particularly with the latest public sector contracts where the cost and programme are trimmed to the bone.

    Over the years City Paving has built its customer base by providing quality asphalt driveways driveways in Rathwire and throughout the Ireland.  As other products started to gain a foothold and prove their place (for either the right or wrong reasons!) in the industry, our expertise in tarmac/asphal has had to evolve and over the last five decades we have kept abreast of the best systems for each situation and now offer an unparalleled spread of options and solutions.

    Why choose us?

    • Domestic, commercial & industrial surfacing
    • Hand and machine laid tarmacadam
    • Hot rolled asphalt
    • Expert & experienced workmen
    • No obligation quotes
    • Fantastic reputation for high quality workmanship

    Tarmac driveways Rathwire
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    What’s the Difference Between Tarmac and Asphalt?


    Tarmac, brief for tarmacadam, includes the covering of layered crushed stone with tar in order to develop a strong, durable surface. The addition of a top coat will improve water resistance and grip, as well as including a more visual quality to the material.

    Unfortunately tarmacadam is rather susceptible to damage from fuel or diesel spills, and today tarmac has actually practically completely been replaced by the usage of bitmac.

    Bitmac replaces the tar from the tarmacadam process with bitumen, and this more recent surface area is actually even more similar to asphalt than tarmac. Asphalt is made by combining a mix of aggregates with bitumen to bond them together, although the major difference in between this and bitmac is that bitmac consists of a lot more sand and filler.


    Asphalt can be quite inexpensive when utilized over a large area, for this reason why it is often utilized for road surface areas, however for a little surface area it can be an expensive alternative. Asphalt is likewise much harder wearing than bitmac or tarmac, however at the expense of being less resistant to scuffing from car tyres. However, asphalt is not as affected by extreme weather as much as tarmac, and also requires less maintenance with time.

    Modern asphalts are also more sustainable and eco-friendly, as old surfaces can be reclaimed and reused in a brand-new setting with relative ease. However it is essential to keep in mind that when the term asphalt driveway is used it may be referring to one consisted of asphalt concrete, which is a totally various kind of surface.

    Asphalt concrete surfaces blend asphaltic cement with finer aggregates such as sand or grit. These surface areas can last much longer than regular asphalt driveways, but they come at a much higher cost, need much trickier repairs, and they are much more susceptible to damage from temperature fluctuations.

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